Our Story

Aquarium Guardian started out as a whiteboard idea, as many products do. We could see that there are other aquarium monitors on the market, but they can be pricey, and may not offer features such as Wi-Fi capability as a standard feature. Our goal was to get a product on the market that would be attractive for both the entry level, and more involved hobbyist.

Aquarium Guardian was brought from this whiteboard idea to a finished product with the help of a team which included an electrical engineer, biologist, printed circuit board developers, firmware developers, and many others. 

The desktop aquarium seen in the attached image served as a testing ground as well as beta testers who jumped in to help. Although we are new to the industry, we are excited to take our knowledge from the water alarm sector, and to apply it to the aquarium industry.

Aquarium Guardian is proud to both build and offer technical support from our facility in Saint Louis, Missouri. When you have questions, or need technical support you will reach one of our technicians, you will not receive technical support that has been outsourced. In closing, we operate with the customer in mind, and we welcome you to the Aquarium Guardian Family. 


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