Wi-Fi Enabled Aquarium
Monitor & Controller

Wi-Fi Based
Text Message Alarms
No App Required
  • Approved for Fresh or Saltwater Use
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Power Failure Notifications
  • Water Level Monitoring
  • Water Temperature Monitoring
  • Configurable Aquarium Maintenance Scheduling to Notify When Aquarium Maintenance is Due
  • Relay Can be Enabled to control Automatic Top Off (ATO), Aquarium Heater, OR Aquarium Lights
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Setup alerts to deliver
to unlimited devices.

Great for families.

Link multiple devices
to a central account.

Great for monitoring multple aquariums.

View aquarium sensor
data anywhere in the world.

Great for when you are away from home.

Configurable alarm levels
and alarm outputs.

Market leading flexibility.

Aquarium Guardian Monitors/Controls

Aquarium Water Level

Real-time water level readings on portal

Water level is especially important to maintain salinity in saltwater aquariums

Automatic Top Off feature can be enabled if relay is selected

Aquarium Temperature

Alerts user when temperature is outside of customer's specified limits

Can control aquarium heater when relay is enabled

Leak Detection

Detects leaks quickly before aquarium is emptied and home/ aquarium is damaged

User can add multiple leak sensors to monitor other areas

Power Failure

Outlet power monitoring

Avoid costly property damage

Uses Cloud check-in monitoring

Ambient Temperature & Humidity

Monitor your home's temperature & humidity

Set a safe temperature range

Integrated sensors inside

Aquarium Lighting

Configurable timing for control of aquarium lights

Adjust aquarium light schedule anywhere in the world through the user interface

This feature can be activated if the relay is selected to control aquarium lights

Advanced Features

Alarm Siren

Configurable audible siren
90dB estimated SPL
Operates on battery backup

Battery Backup

Lithium Polymer Ion Battery
Up to 20 hours of backup
Integrated recharging


IOT smart Wi-Fi device
Easy WSP or Hotspot setup
Avoid costly cellular fees

Cloud Monitor

Check-in based watchdog
Programmable sample interval
99.8% cloud uptime

Text Message Alarms

Alarms delivered directly to your cell phone. Each alarm type sends a custom message.
Receive an alarm when the alarm occurs and once it has been resolved.

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Free portal monitoring. Unlimited Email and text notifications for free!
Optional Premium Portal Service only $30.00/year.


Floor Water Leak Sensor
Clamp on Float Switch
Sensor Wire
Aquarium Guardian

What’s In The Box

Aquarium Guardian

User Manual

12V Power Adapter

Water Level Sensor

Floor Leak Sensor

Temperature Sensor