Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: My pump On and Off does not match with the water level sensor. How can this be fixed? 

  • This can be addressed by calling or emailing the Aquarium Guardian Technical Support Team. We will examine your water level data and fine-tune the sensor on and off points to match your application. 

2. Question: Why am I receiving false leak sensor notifications?

  • This is especially common with salt water aquariums. If there is salt on the floor, or other conductive materials, you may receive false notifications. An easy fix for this is to place a paper towel or other non conductive item under the leak sensor. 

3. Question: Why is my aquarium water temperature reading not accurate? 

  • We have created a water temperature offset that can be used to calibrate your water level sensor. Start by selecting if you need to add or subtract from the current temperature reading. Next enter the value that you would like the temperature reading to be adjusted by. When you are ready, click the submit button on the alarm configuration page. Please note that it can take up to five minutes for the change to take place. 



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