Aquarium Guardian

Aquarium Guardian

$189.99 $229.99
Aquarium Guardian is a Wi-Fi based aquarium monitor and controller, which allows for remote access and control of aquarium components from anywhere in the world. Aquarium Guardian monitors five critical elements of the aquarium and home as alarm inputs: sustained power loss, aquarium water level, aquarium temperature, water leak(s), ambient temperature, and humidity.

Each of the five alarm inputs can be configured individually as alarm triggers based on their state or level. There are two alarm outputs of the Aquarium Guardian: E-mail/SMS (text message), and audible siren.  With the integrated relay, you can control ONE of the following: Automatic Top Off (ATO) pump, aquarium heater or lights.

Unlike our competitors, users can use our web-based services for free, and there are no consumables associated with this product, which can lead to large cost savings.  Simply put, Aquarium Guardian comes standard with what is needed to have an all-in-one monitoring system for a great price to boot.

Features Include:

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Power Failure Notifications
  • Water Level Monitoring
  • Relay Control for ATO Pump, Aquarium Heater, Or Lighting
  • Configurable Maintenance Scheduling to Notify When Aquarium Maintenance is Due
  • Approved for Both Fresh & Saltwater Use
  • Configurable 90dB Audible Siren
  • 1200mah Integrated Battery For Up to 20 Hours of Backup Time
  • Wi-Fi Capability Comes Standard
  • Alarms Directly to Your Cell Phone via Text & or E-Mail
  • View Aquarium Sensor Data Anywhere in the World